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Return and Service Center  

 Do you charge a restocking fee?

 Yes, there will be a 20% restocking fee for all returned items. Returns must be within 15 business days after shipment date.


 Do you have a wholesaler or distributor's discount?

 Yes, even though our prices are already discounted, we offer additional trade discounts. Please call us to discuss your possible discount on our products for any wholesaler or distributors. However, orders must be at least 5 pieces or more to be eligible for the sale.


 How can I reach Customer Service?


If you need to contact us, our Customer Service Department is available from Monday- Thursday at 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and Friday at 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. EST, Tel. 800-881-5901. Most questions can be answered by your representative either online or through telephone.


What are your payment methods?


We accept all major credit cards (Amex, Visas, MC), debit cards with Visa or Master Card logo money orders, and cashier checks. 


 What is your return policy?


All returns must be made within 15 days after the date your product was shipment. There will be a 20% stocking fee for all returns. The returnable item should be shipped via traceable means such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS and insured for the full price. 


All returns must be preapproved and have an RMA number via email or by phone. You are responsible for the shipping costs of returning the item. We don’t accept any freight collect for the return. We will carefully inspect the returned item before issuance of refund or replacement. 


The returned item must be in original uninstalled, unused, or unaltered condition and in its original container and packaging. 


Please allow up to 7 business days for us to process your return.


 Per our "15 Day Risk-Free Return Policy" returns will be accepted within 15 business days of product receipt. Shipping charges on returns shall be the responsibility of the customer and all returned items must be returned in "new" or "like new" condition, in undamaged original manufacturer's packaging and with all original product manuals. After the product is received, inspected and verified to be in "like new" condition, a full refund will be provided on the product purchase price minus any original shipping charges and minus a 20% restock charge. For products sold with a "Free Shipping Promotion" or "Flat Rate Shipping" the actual freight cost to originally ship the product will be deducted from your refund. 





Can I track my order online?


Yes, you can track a package online you will be supplied a tracking number and who the carrier is via e-mail. Once your order has shipped you will receive a shipping notification as to the estimated arrival time and that the carrier now has your product and the name of said carrier.


How long does shipping normally take?


The shipping of your order can take between 1-10 business days. The most common carrier/shipper that we use is UPS ground and depending on your location would determine the length of time it would take for you to receive your product. All products are shipped out of varies locations depending on your location and what is at that warehouse at that time of purchase.



What shipping method is used for Flat Rate $2.95?


We ship products via UPS ground/standard shipping, USPS, HongKong Airmail. The average time it takes going through transit to your location is 3-12 business days.





Are any of your products defective or irregulars?


No our products are not at all defective or irregular our prices are low only because the products are ordered in large quantities and not at all do to the merchandise being defective. Every item we sell is new and comes with a one year warranty.


 Are your glass sinks approved by IAPMO/UPC code?


All of our sinks are approved by IAPMO and they are compatible to all U.S. plumbing requirements.



How is shopping security?


We Use Encrypted Checkout:


 All of our checkout process is 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted and can be verified with GoDaddy.


 Even after the transaction, we re-encrypt your sensitive information so it is not lingering around

What warranties do you offer?


All of our products are sold and come with a one year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.




Are glass sinks simple to install?


Almost anyone with basic plumbing skills can install a glass sink and when it comes to a ceramic sink it is only slightly different in the installing process. The difference is meagerly that for a glass sink around the drain you don’t need a sealant to keep water from leaking or anything like that but for a ceramic sink. The sealant is defiantly needed to keep the water from leaking out and for that sink you would have to put it on the lip of the washer that would be pressed to the bottom of the underside sink.



How can I track my order?


If you sing into your account online you can access your tracking number that way. It will be provided to you within 24-48 business hours after your purchase.  


How do you keep the shine on the sink?


You can either buff your sink by using black or brown shoe polish or Windex and mild soap those items will keep your sink a nice and continue to have a beautiful shine to it. But do not at any means use harsh abrasives it will cause damages to your sink and will no longer have that lovely shine to it. You would use a soft tablecloth with any of the products that were mentioned previously.


How durable is a glass sink?


The glass sinks are very tough though it can with stand the everyday events between dropping small/larger objects in the sink that will not cause any damage to the glass itself. Though the most common times the sink gets damaged is during installation when someone can tighten the bolt on to tightly and are to aggressive with the item.


Is tempered glass tougher and safer?


Tempered glass sinks are thinker and stronger than regular glass sink and can with stand the thermal shock that a regular glass sink cannot with stand. The thickness of the sink does not mean it will not crack or break under stressful conditions it is still liable to break or become damaged in any way. Though when the tempered glass sink breaks it does not break into thousands of sharp pieces it does break into more blunt pieces rather than sharp jagged ones.  


What you should and shouldn't do for my tempered glass sink?


Though glass sink are a lot more durable then you think they are you should still use precaution when handling/owning such a sink.


If the glass sink ever has a crack or chip it cannot be fixed to make it brand new again it would have to be replaced. If it is not replaced then you are risking the chance that the sink will shatter into several pieces or start leaking.


You should always pay close attention in tempter differences for example if you install the sink outside do not poor hot water into the bowl when it is a cold day.  The tempter difference will case the glass to break so if the glass sinks temper is a large difference then the water you are pouring into the sink there will be a possibility it will break.


You should avoid the sink coming in contact with other glass or steel objects to avoid the sink possibly getting scratched or chipped.


Never pour boiling water into the glass sink it will cause it to crack or shatter from the contact of the water hitting the glass.


After every time you use the glass sink you should wipe the glass dry to avoid the glass from becoming cloudy and spotted.


What is a tempered/Toughened/Safety Glass?


The glass sinks we sale are made from a tough durable tempered glass sink the glass of the sink is also known as safety glass. The tempered glass is produced from heating annealed glasses at approximately 650 degrees  at which point the glass starts to soften and become easier to mold the glass into new textures, shapes, and sizes. After they are done molding the products are then cooled rapidly with high velocity blasts of air. The end results of this process makes it into a stronger more durable glass that can with stand a large amount of stress.


What is the difference between a Vessel, a Drop-In, Under mount and a Over?


The difference between each sink is that a Vessel sink is a sink that sits on top of the counter or on the surface of the counter top. Drop-In/Partial Mount Sink is one that usually, is set into a pre-cut hole on the counter top and is partially set into the whole or completely in the hole in the counter. Over Mount/Rimmed Sink is designed to be ‘set in’ to the counter top. As an Under Mounted Sink are mounted beneath the counter surface.