Privacy Policy

At faucet bay we want you to know when and how the personal information you provided us is used while you are on this website or making purchases we want you to know that your information will only be used in our privacy terms and how it will be used for your purchase or account. For each person that visits this web page should know that this web page recognizes you without any information regarding the domain or e-mail. We may collect the e-mail address from those who communicate with us via e-mail. Each page you visit and product you looked at the aggregate information we collect specific information from those pages you had visited and the information you had volunteered to give us from things such as a survey or an account registrations. 


The information we collect is only used specially for internal review and is discarded after the use of said information you’re the information it is only used to improve the company’s web page and make it a better customize each pages layout and contents of the web site.

If you do not want to receive any e-mails from us please contact us and let us know to stop sending you e-mails from our company.

We do not collect nor need any personal information from you if you are only browsing the site but we do offer non-transactional and transactional services. In order to provide you have requested from us though with the use of those services we may require you to provide us with personal information in which is necessary for us to use to fulfill the agreement on the services you have requested from our company to fulfill. If you are interested in a service we will identify any personal information we collect from you and will only be used for the purposes that is identified in this Privacy Statement and Faucet Bay’s terms of use this will also mean your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party unless it is necessarily needed in order to provide you with a particular services you have requested. Discloser is required of in order to comply with legal processes. This disclosure is determined necessary in order to provide you with your rights, property, and safety of and our other users of such products and services that are and have been provided for you.